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The training of professionals in the public sector is intended to have highly qualified and specialized human resources that contributes to the modernization of the State and provide better service to the citizenship.

In this context, Reto Excelencia is a program of the Peruvian State that provides funding to professionals working in the public sector to study a Master or PhD in the best universities abroad. It has an incentive framework for professionals who have completed their studies and decide to return to work in any public entity, the loans can be condoned.

National Authority for the Civil Service – SERVIR


The National Authority for the Civil Service – SERVIR is a public entity from the Peruvian State attached to Presidency of the Council of Ministers (

SERVIR is responsible for developing policies for the improvement of the human resources in the Peruvian State (public sector) and to evaluate their implementation.

SERVIR looks for a meritocratic, flexible and efficient service to better serve all Peruvians (

The Civil Service Reform introduces meritocracy to improve the quality of the services that the Peruvian state provides to its citizens. In this sense, it increases the income of public employees and encourages their personal and professional development in public administration.

Reto Excelencia


It is a program that aims to fund, through loans, the postgraduate studies of public employees. Masters and PhD studies in the best universities ranked by the QS World University Rankings. These loans can be condoned.

Program’s Goal

For public employees to improve their capabilities in the best universities abroad and return to the public sector in order to strengthen the country’s development, especially in local and regional governments.


* Name:






The programme funds the following areas:


2.Basic Sciences

3.Health Sciences


5.Agricultural Sciences

6.Environmental Sciences


8.Public management

  • International round trip ticket.
  • Tuition and academic fees
  • Living expenses.
  • Health insurance
  • Study materials and equipment
  • To be Peruvian
  • To work in a public entity for at least 2 consecutive years at the time of application, under any type of contract.
  • To be accepted in one of the top 500 universities abroad (with the letter of admission to certify this).
  • To have a professional university degree at the time of the application.
  • To have a guarantor who has a normal credit report.

Condonation of Loans

Payment Conditions

In order that professionals return to a public entity and develop their knowledge, Reto Excelencia establishes a framework of incentives to condone the debt stock.

Reto Excelencia will condone: